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ENSAVE is a modern company which main mission is the creation of energy saving solutions. One of such a system is our photovoltaic portfolio. Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricitywhich can be used directly in the building or it can be stored in batteries. Renewable green Energy Sources such as photovoltaic are the best alternative to traditional energy sources.

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A photovoltaic faсade can be planned almost like a standard faсade and interconnected like a standard photovoltaic system. With little extra effort compared to standard solutions, so environmentally friendly and architecturally appealing facades can be realized, moreover, this is the only facade that pays off itself. So far, photovoltaics in the building sector has been used primarily by on-roof systems. Although they fulfilled their purpose, they did not offer much scope visually and architecturally for an appealing integration into the architecture of the building. Also with regard to their colour scheme, there was little room for design flexibility. Because crystalline modules characterize a bluish coloration in the polycrystalline modules and a dark to black colour in the monocrystalline modules. There are now coloured, transparent or printable modules on the market. A photovoltaic facade offers new fields of application for photovoltaics. They provide an aesthetically pleasing architecture that can be coupled with existing photovoltaic techniques. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology in energy building management and modern smart home solutions, the needs of the users can be optimally satisfied and at the same time high environmental standards in real estate management can be met.