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One of our core values is QUALITY

22 february

One of our core values is QUALITY. And we are happy to share with you great news regards this topic! 

Within last months we were working together with TÜV Süd on improving our CE classification.
And on 31st of January 2018 ENSAVE GmbH successfully passed a Factory Production Control (FPC) audit based on EN 1090-1, 1090-2 and 1090-3 without any deviations.
Due to our high and proven quality requirements all our faсade products reached the execution class 1,2 and 3.
Furthermore – we are the first who got “Class 3” on Ventilated Faсade market. It’s proving, that we have the highest quality standards on the market and we are ahead of our competitors in this topic!

EnVe-Heavy V01