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Russian construction market: strategic partnership as a potential influencer

1 february

Russian construction market: strategic partnership as a potential influencer

February 2019 ENSAVE company entered into the strategic partnership Agreement with Avangard, one of the leading Russian companies in the field of production, installation and service of aluminum facade and window systems. That market faces a shift in emphasis towards better quality and reliable products, and higher requirements for ecology and maintenance over the past 5 years. In this regard, the Agreement supposes cooperation in three areas: technology, ecology, and economy.


ENSAVE company is the only supplier of a full facade contour in Europe (glass wall structures and ventilated facades) and owns a large package of unique technological developments and know-how. The exchange of innovative solutions and joint development of window and facade systems is a priority of this strategic partnership.


The company name ENSAVE stands for ENergy SAVing. Nowadays our main competence attracts increasing attention from both regulators and consumers of the Russian construction market. The principle of using safe renewable and recyclable materials is the basis for our systems design and we are confident that it will find its adherents in Russia as well.


The growing needs of the industry and customers’ together with changing construction normsrequest introducing new commercial solutions. Popularity of comprehensive product with guaranteed quality, including installation and maintenance, increases drastically as oppose to yesteryear focus on a single product. We rely on the rich experience of Avangard company in that regard.

Being an innovative party of a strategic partnership, ENSAVE company brings to the Russian construction market time-tested and European consumer technical solutions and premiumproducts. We consider that partial localization of production in Russia is the main factor ensuring the competitiveness of these products.

The ENSAVE team in partnership with the Avangard company is ready to offer the Russian consumer a wide range of products, systematic approach to the production, installation and service of facade and window systems, and efficient product design. We are confident that the high quality and environmental friendliness of materials combined with many years of experience in technical innovations allow ENSAVE products taking a worthy place in the Russian market.